Aditya Engineering Inbuilt RO and Cooler

Aditya Engineering Inbuilt RO and Cooler

Multi-Functional And User Friendly Design- Aditya Engineering Perk Is A Multi-Functional Machine That Supplies Chilled, Hot And Normal Water To Fulfil Diverse Needs. The Water Purifier Provides Ease Of Connection To Direct Water Supply, Thereby Discarding The Need To Mount A Bottle On The Dispenser.

Double Purification- The Double Purification Of Ro + Uf Removes Even Dissolved Impurities Such As Chemicals, Bacteria, Viruses And Salts, Making The Water 100% Pure.

Intelligent Controls- Embedded With A Smart Refrigeration System, Aditya Engineering Perk Employs A Double Protection Temperature Controller, Which Maintains The Water Temperature From 7 To 17 Degree C. This Range Of Temperature Is Ideal For Making Ice Tea, Lime Water, And Other Beverages.

Reverse Osmosis (Ro) Uses A Semi-Permeable Membrane To Filter Out Impurities From The Water, Making It Safe To Drink. Besides The Ro Filter, This Range Of Unique Water Coolers Offers A Further Range Of 6 More Filters That Make The Water Safe To Drink, Both Chemically And Microbiologically. The Filtration Process Lower The Hardness Level Of The Water As Well As The Levels Of Totally Dissolved Salts.

It Also Reduces The Levels Of Arsenic, Lead And Mercury, Which Are Dangerous Heavy Metal Contaminants In Many Water Sources. The Filtration Process Also Eliminates Pathogenic Microorganisms. All Of These Ensures That The Water You Drink Is Totally Pure, Tasty, Clean And Safe.

Proven Filtration Techniques for The Purest Water

  • Aditya Engineering Ro Purification
  • 7 Stages Of Filtration
  • Fully Automatic

Proven Cooling Technology From Aditya Engineering

  • Faster Cooling
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • High Throughput
  • Longer Life
  • Contamination-Free Storage
  • Cold Water Even Through Power Cuts
  • Space Saving
  • Reliability
  • Ease Of Service

Unique 7-Stage Purification Process

  • Unique Polypropylene Yarn Candle To Remove Physical Impurities From Input Water
  • Specially Treated Pre-Carbon Block For Absorbing Color, Organic Impurities And Chlorine
  • Anti-Scalant Filters To Prevent Deposits Over The Ro Membrane
  • The Sediment Filter Traps All The Fine Sediments Present In The Input Water
  • Ro Membrane Filter (Porosity Of 0.0001 Micron) Strains Micro-Organisms And TDS From The Input Water
  • Post-Carbon Filter To Enhance The Taste Of Purified Water
  • Nano-Silver Leaching Effectively Prevents Microbial Contamination In The Storage Tank
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