Water Purification System

Water Purification System

Aditya Engineering Water Purification System improves functional and economical production of high-purity water. This modularly designed laboratory reverse osmosis system was specifically developed for functional and economical production of high-purity water. 

Product Features

  • Five system options with permeate flows of 3, 7, 12, or 20, or 40L/hr.
  • Space-saving design allows system to sit on the laboratory bench or be mounted on the wall.
  • Simple system upgrade accommodates future pure water capacity requirements.

Easy-to-operate Clear Display

  • Resistivity/conductivity clearly displayed on large back-lit control panel that tilts for optimum viewing.
  • Status of current operating mode clearly indicates ‘production’, ‘stand-by’ and ‘cleaning’ modes.
  • Reservoir fill-level shown as %
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