Grid-Tied Solar Inverter

Grid-Tied Solar Inverter

A grid-tie solar inverter is often used with an on-grid solar system where solar panels are installed and connected together in a series to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

An on-grid solar inverter will only work when there is a constant electricity supply from the power grid. This energy from the series of solar panels is fed into an on-grid inverter so that the energy can be converted in alternating current (AC) compatible with our house appliances.

We offer highly efficient and low cost grid-tie solar inverters that are specially designed to meet your each and every single requirement. Our on grid solar inverter are advanced technology, properly configured solar inverters that enable you to use an alternative power source i.e. solar power without any extensive rewiring and without batteries.

Salient Features:-
  • Wider voltage range, lower starting voltage and higher conversion efficiency
  • Grid self-adaptation, no N-line AC design to meet various grid access requirements.
  • Integrated global monitor management, APP with one-button registration.
  • Aluminium casing, natural cooling, IP65protection level.
  • Home appliance design, easy to operate.
  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to install by a single person.
Unique Features:-

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