Aditya Engineering Auto Sanitizer Tunnel

Aditya Engineering Auto Sanitizer Tunnel

What Is Auto Sanitizer Tunnel ?

A Sanitation Tunnel is a low-cost acquisition, disinfection method and operation tool that eliminates up to 99% of covid 19 (coronavirus), other viruses and bacteria from its users, thus reducing the risks of contagion among healthy people, protecting your clients and staff work and communicate your brand or association, is an excellent tool for companies, restaurants places of transit of people and more.

How to be Safe of COVID 19 with Auto Sanitizer Tunnel ?

People enter the sanitizing tunnel and the auto sensor to spray of the sanitation solution falls on them for 15 seconds, disinfecting their person and belongings, eliminates up to 99% of viruses, including COVID-19. It has an industrial-grade sprinkler with a sanitation solution for all type of viruses’ crisis as well as hospitals, and used in public places. This provides a safe environment for healthy people.

Benefits of Auto Sanitizer Tunnel

  • Reduce risks of COVID-19 and safe form COVID-19 (coronavirus), other viruses and bacteria
  • Eliminates up to 99% of viruses and bacteria on the human body.
  • Sanitizing tunnel or disinfecting cabin is inflatable and portable
  • Its system is simple, reliable and effective
  • A fast, easy and economical way to reduce COVID 19 risks
  • Not require any person for operation

Chlorine Dioxide – Disinfectant Solution of Sanitation Tunnel

Chlorine Dioxide is a golden liquid sanitizer that has no residual power. It is an inactivated product with high oxidizing power, whose base ingredient is chlorine dioxide. Specially formulated to act as a germicide and bactericide. Features and benefits of sanitizer liquid solution:

  1. Highly soluble in water.
  2. Broad spectrum.
  3. Very efficient in sanitation with CIP (Cleaning in place) systems.
  4. Leaves no odour or residue on sanitized surfaces and equipment.
  5. Contains 10% free chlorine.
  6. Useful in disinfecting plastic and glass containers, laundries, hospitals, food processors, beverage processors, milking equipment, pasteurizers, the fishing industry, freezers and packers. Since it leaves no residue.
  7. Excellent results in disinfection by circulation or recirculation in pipes and equipment.
  8. In addition to its sanitary and preventive function, a sanitation tunnel/disinfection booth will help you to communicate your brand or organization, since you will be providing a service with an immediate benefit among its users, two great benefits that in this time of sanitary and economic crisis they are of high value.

Purpose of Sanitization Tunnels

These tunnels are an extremely effective access control system. They are meant to be placed at the entry and exit points of common gathering areas the hospitals, police stations, malls, stadiums, government offices, courthouses, etc. When a person or a group of persons wants to enter common areas, they have to go through these tunnels.

When in the tunnel, persons are sprayed with mists and vapours of disinfectant medicines. The spray is done using high-pressure pumps which turn the medicines to atomized microdroplets. The microdroplets of these atomized sprays can also easily penetrate regular clothing material thus ensuring deep sanitization.

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Communities
  • Super Markets
  • Scenic Spots
  • Shopping Mall
  • Stations
  • Air Ports
  • factories
  • Court Rooms
  • Police Station
  • Metro Stations
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